Visit to Mount Magazine State Park near Paris, Arkansas.

As the weather cools down, its time for adventure. Yesterday, I grabbed my camera and drove down to Mount Magazine State Park. Its a 2.30 Hrs drive from Bentonville, Arkansas. I wanted to capture the beautiful sunset from Mount Magazine. I passed through Ozarks and Paris, two small towns on the way. I took some photographs and scouted the trails for the best spot to take the sunset photo. On a coffee break, I met Patrick, The Park Ranger and he offered to show the scenic view points of Mount Magazine and a great place to see sunset. We drove around and saw some great places which is mostlymissed by people visiting. Finally we reached a bluff line on the north side of the park near the campgrounds. The bluffsoverlooked west and was perfect place to take some photographs. Mount Magazine State Park is one of the mostaccessible and beautiful state park in Arkansas. It is also the highest point in Arkansas. There are some great cabins and a lodge in the park which is opened all  days.

You can visit for details on the park.

Golden Light falling down, view from Mount Magazine

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